U.S. and Canadian passport holders may download full instructions below along with visa application samples and partially pre-completed visa applications for programs that require visas using the links below. These forms can be completed manually and/or online and then printed for your original signature before sending them along with your actual passport, the required number of photographs, and payment to our address below.  Canadian passport holders who are not also legal permanent residents of the US holding US Alien Registration Cards must process visas for China or Russia in Canada or other country of legal residence.

Please note that your passport should be valid for a minimum of six months beyond the completion of your travel and should contain the minimum number of fully blank visa pages as indicated in the instructions for each tour program below.  We can assist you with the renewal of your US passport at the same time your visas are issued or independent of any visa applications.  We can also assist with expediting first time US passport applications and second passports.  See relevant links below for instructions and forms.

If you are not a U.S. or Canadian citizen please send a brief inquiry to us via email at for specific visa requirements associated with your itinerary. (Please indicate your nationality and tour name and indicate if you are currently a legal permanent resident of the U.S. and if so in which state you currently reside.)



 EXT-BRZ  Various  Post Extension to Brazil  Brazil
  V7305  03-Mar-17  Crystal Voyage 7305   Brazil 
  V7207  31-Mar-17  Crystal Voyage 7207  China
 MYN  15-Feb-17  Myanmar  Myanmar 
 MYN 15-Mar-17  Myanmar  Myanmar
 MYN  01-Sep-17  Myanmar  Myanmar
 JOVC  28-Mar-17  Jewels of Vietnam & Cambodia  Vietnam Cambodia
 JOVC  11-Apr-17  Jewels of Vietnam & Cambodia  Vietnam Cambodia
 JOVC  18-Apr-17  Jewels of Vietnam & Cambodia  Vietnam Cambodia
 JOVC  25-Apr-17  Jewels of Vietnam & Cambodia  Vietnam Cambodia
RTMR  19-Sep-17  Romance of the Mekong River  Vietnam Cambodia
RTMR  03-Oct-17  Romance of the Mekong River  Vietnam Cambodia
 IS  06-Sep-17  Imperial Splendors  Russia 
           Passport Renewal Information



First Time Passport




Passport Renewal




Second Passport



1  South African immigration REQUIRES that you have a minimum of TWO FACING AND COMPLETELY BLANK visa pages in your passport at the time of each entry.  Note that these cannot be the pages reserved for amendments and endorsements at the back of your passport.

 2. Electronic Travel Authority required for Sri Lanka must be obtained prior to travel - apply online at The ETA is submitted online, the ETA approval will be returned via email.

 3. U.S. and Canadian passport holders will not require a visa for short tourist stays in the following countries:

Austria              Belgium            Canada             Croatia              Czech Republic
Denmark           Finland             France              Germany           Greece.
Hong Kong       Hungary            Ireland              Israel                Italy
Japan               Morocco           Netherlands       Norway             Singapore
Slovakia           South Africa      Spain                Sweden            Thailand
Ukraine             United Kingdom

US passport holders will obtain visas on arrival as a matter of routine for the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). Canadian passport holders MUST obtain visas in advance of travel in their country of legal residence.

The tour operator will provide visas for US passport holders for Turkey.

To print the instructions and visa applications in Portable Document Format (PDF) you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5.0 or higher, free from Adobe Systems, Inc. You can download the Acrobat Reader version that is suitable to your system from the Adobe web site at

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