Travel Document Systems, Inc. (TDS) is a leading visa and passport processing agency. For the past 28 years we have served travel professionals, tour operators, and cruise lines, as well as corporate and individual international travelers. TDS specializes in travel that involves visas for more than one country.

We provide expedited visa processing for U.S. citizens for countries which require an entry visa, and can also assist Canadians where there is no diplomatic represenatation in Canada, and U.S. permanent residents of other nationalities with visas for many countries. To further assist travel professionals, our detailed immigration guides are published through the major airlines computerized global distribution systems. Our offices are located in Washington D.C, San Francisco, Houston, New York and Los Angeles, just steps away from the embassies, consulates, and the US Passport Agency.

TDS is your "one-stop-shop" for visa and passport processing. Many visas that might otherwise take weeks or months to obtain by direct correspondence can readily be processed within days because of our frequent contact with embassies and consulates.

We provide a complete array of expediting services for both individual and group travel, including tourist and business visas and U.S. passport processing, as well as special services involving legal and commercial documents. TDS can adapt quickly to changes in visa requirements since most changes are made by foreign countries without notice, and can often be effective immediately.