Small efforts that have a BIG IMPACT

Travel Document Systems (TDS) is partnering with Sustainable Travel International to provide you with opportunities to positively impact the places you visit.

I would like to donate to help protect the places I visit

Sustainable Travel International connects donors - travelers and tourism operators alike - with more than 850 grassroots community-based projects around the world. By adding just one dollar to every visa or passport you have processed through TDS, you can help to change lives and help safeguard the natural and cultural heritage of our planet for future generations.

Projects that need your support include education, healthcare, environmental, cultural-heritage preservation, and economic development initiatives in underserved areas across six continents.

You can also select specific projects you want to support online via Sustainable Travel International's website or make a general donation.

Visit the following links to make a donation or to get more information.

Examples of the potential uses of your donation include:

  • $20 provides 40 fruit trees or school supplies for three children for one quarter.
  • $50 provides enough fertilizer for four hectares of crops.
  • $100 allows for two hectares of dune stabilization.

Stay informed

We know donors appreciate staying informed about the projects you support - so you can see how your money is used and the results that are achieved. So expect to see periodic progress reports from us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sustainable travel?

Sustainable travel is a level of tourism activity that can be maintained over the long term because it results in a net benefit for the socio-cultural, economic, and natural environments of the area in which it takes place.

Who is Sustainable Travel International?

Sustainable Travel International is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote sustainable development by providing programs that help travelers, businesses and destinations protect the environment, preserve cultural heritage and promote economic development.

Why should I contribute?

Many of the people, places and cultures that make travel so rewarding need your support. Communities and World Heritage sites around the world are being plagued by lack of proper planning, access to quality education, healthcare and job training, and are being devastated by poverty and environmental degradation. By making small donations to worthy causes, you can now more easily positively impact the people and places you visit.

How else can I make a difference?

• Research Alternatives. Many businesses and travel service providers have policies that minimize their environmental, economic, and socio-cultural impacts.
• Consider Your Mode of Transportation. Walk, bicycle, or use public transportation. Rent hybrid vehicles. Calculate and offset unavoidable carbon dioxide emissions from your travel.
• Respect Local Cultures. Respect and accept the differences of local people and other cultures. Learn about their customs, social norms, and environmental issues before you visit.
• Spend Locally. Ensure that local people benefit from your travels. Visit locally owned businesses, buy locally produced foods and products, and use the services of tour operators and accommodations that employ local people.
• Conserve Natural Resources. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Consider the water, energy, and waste disposal systems used by your tour operators and accommodations.
• Honor Protected Areas. When visiting protected areas learn and follow all advisories, rules, and regulations. Remember the fees you pay to use these areas support local efforts to conserve them. Always respect the rights of local landowners and keep in mind that there are private lands mixed in with public lands.
• Leave No Trace. Use the Leave No Trace guidelines on all your adventures.
• Keep Wildlife Wild. Do not disturb wild animals or their habitat. Never chase, harass, or feed wildlife. Keep your distance and use binoculars.
• Give Back. Find a local cause or project of interest and make a donation or volunteer your time.
• Explore. Your guidebook is just a starting point. Be open to local suggestions and new experiences. Consider visiting popular places at off-peak times.
• Safety First. Be prepared. Learn about local conditions before you venture out. Consider using a local guide.

Protecting Your Investment

Sustainable Travel International's projects are 100% guaranteed. All projects undergo compliance checks to ensure they have a bona fide charitable purpose, generate positive outcomes, and meet applicable laws relating to international philanthropy.

Is My Investment Tax Deductible?

Sustainable Travel International (STI) is registered as a non-profit organization and has been granted 501(c)(3) status by the IRS. Upon request, STI will gladly send you an acknowledgement of your contribution, which is a tax-deductible charitable donation to the extent allowed by law if you operate a U.S.-base business or if you are a U.S. citizen.

Please note that if you contribute directly on-line through STI's website, you will receive an automated charitable donation receipt. Consult with your own tax advisor if you have further questions about the tax deductibility of your contribution.