TDS is happy to announce
our partnership & affiliation
with MH Ross Travel Insurance, providing plans with benefits
to protect the cost of your travel arrangements, belongings
and most importantly, you...

As the Chief Marketing Officer for TDS I would like to share a personal experience regarding travel insurance.

My Mother was traveling in France when she became ill. She was rushed off by ambulance to a cardiac center that didn’t accept her US insurance. This one time I had forgotten to purchase any travel insurance for her. I ended up flying overseas to pay for my Mother’s hospital bill and bring her back to the US.

This recent episode reinforced my commitment to provide reliable travel insurance on our TDS site. Travel insurance might not seem important until you realize you haven’t purchased it and are facing tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Please make sure you purchase the travel insurance that fits your specific needs!

Fatemeh Le Tellier
TDS Chief Marketing Officer