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Document Requirements

These requirements are applicable for US Citizens applying for a Cuban Tourist visa in Atlanta

The Cuban government is now issuing visas to U.S. passport holders arriving by airline or cruise ships. While tourism is still not officially allowed as a reason to go to Cuba, you can enter for 12 different reasons. The most common reason is “Supporting the Cuban People”. This means you will be doing activities such as renting a room in a private Cuban residence, eating at privately owned Cuban restaurants, and shopping at privately owned stores run by a self-employed Cuban etc. Even if you mark tourist on the Cuban visa application form, you will get a visa that states tourist on it and is perfectly legal to enter Cuba with but you would tell the immigration officials you are there to support the Cuban people. 

Cuba is subject to regulations by The Office of Foreign Assets Control ("OFAC") of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Tourist or business travel to Cuba is strictly regulated. In order to travel to Cuba, you need to meet one of the 12 permitted reasons authorized by the United States government. Information and details about the authorized reasons for traveling to Cuba can be found here. Cuban nationals living in the U.S. wanting to travel to Cuba can find information here.

Additional details about the OFAC sanctions on traveling to Cuba can be found on the Cuba Sanctions Resource Center or by contacting the U.S. Department of the Treasury.
Follow steps Apply Online and Gather Documents above, Ship Documents is not required unless you are combining your Cuban Visa application with another service. 

Please scan and email a copy of all of the requirements detailed below to [email protected]
Your originals do not need to be sent to traveldocs by mail to apply for a Cuban visa, although the issued visa will be returned to you by FedEx from traveldocs.

Please complete the TDS ORDER FORM Apply Online above. 
Please provide a clear color copy of your passport details page.
Please provide a copy of your flight itinerary, the itinerary must show details of your entry into and exit from Cuba, the applicant's name must be on the flight itinerary.

The United States Department of Treasury's Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) has issued General Licenses within 12 categories of authorized travel. Please provide a Purpose Of Travel Statement indicating which General License category your travel falls under. Each traveler must retain records related to this travel for a minimum of 5 years.

Please Complete, Date and Sign One Purpose of Travel Statement.
The Cuban Entry Visa will be a loose leaf document that you must carry with you during your travel to Cuba. You must keep both sides of the loose leaf visa, one side will be taken at your port of entry and the other will be needed to exit Cuba.
Travel Document Systems is unable to assist Cuban born U.S. passport holders at this time.
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Shipping Instructions

Please forward a printed copy of your order confirmation for a Cuban Tourist visa for US Citizens and all required documents to:

Travel Document Systems, Inc.
303 Perimeter Center North
Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30346

Local Phone Number: 888-838-4867

Urgent applications for a Cuban Tourist visa should be shipped to TDS using only the FedEx Company.

Please use FedEx Priority Overnight. Do NOT ship "First Overnight." This will delay the delivery of your package.

Once your order is complete, your Passport with the visa sticker/stamp will be returned to you via FedEx Overnight.

FedEx Return ShippingFedEx Logo
Continental USA Only Price
Next Business Day - up to 3 passports $36.00
Next Business Day - 4 or more passports $39.00
Saturday Delivery $41.00
Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, USVI Price
Next Day Letter (No Saturday Delivery) $39.00
International Price
Call for a quote. Call.

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