Document Legalization and Authentication

TDS provides document authentication services to U.S. Corporations, U.S. Citizens and foreign nationals on all documents that will be used in foreign countries.

TDS works with the Secretary of State, United States Department of State and most Foreign Embassies and Consulates to get the correct legal seal for your international documents.

Legalization is a process of document authentication observed by international governments. If you intend to use a US Public Document in a foreign country then local authorities require it to be legalized before it can be considered valid. Each country has its own legalization requirements determined by the type of document being legalized and its intended use.

Typical documents that may require legalization and or authentication services are:

  • Academic Certificates
  • Birth, Marriage, and Divorce Certificates
  • Business Contracts
  • Certificates of Incorporation
  • Certificate of No Impediment
  • FBI Background Checks
  • Export Certificates
  • Religious Documents

Before sending your documents to TDS for our document legalization services, please make sure that they are: 

  1. Notarized by a licensed notary public.
  2. Take the document to your local courthouse (county clerk) and obtain a notary certification.
    Notary certification confirms that the notary public that endorsed your document is authorized to do so in your state.
  3. Submit the document to your Secretary of State to obtain a certification of the county clerk's signature.

If you have any questions please call one of our customer service representatives at 800-874-5100 or

TDS Service Fee - U.S. Dept of State

This fee is applicable for documents that require authentication by the United States Department of State.

Price Amount
$100.00 1 Document
$175.00 2 Documents
$225.00 3 to 15 documents, 16 or more please call TDS

The U.S. Department of State charges a fee $20 per document.

Legal documents intended for use in a country which is not a member of the Hague Convention require a Full Legalization also known as Chain Authentication or Consularization, which is Notarization, Secretary of State Certification, U.S. State Department Authentication, and thenan Embassy or Consulate Legalization.

TDS Service Fee - Per Country

This fee is applicable for documents that require authentication by a foreign embassy or consulate.

Price Amount
$100.00 1 Document
$175.00 2 Documents
$225.00 3 to 15 documents per country

Consular fees vary by document type and by country. Please call for a quote.

Please included a full copy of all documents to be authenticated. Embassies require a copy to be submitted with the original documents.

If no copies are sent, TDS will make copies on your behalf, a $3 per document copying fee will be added to your invoice.

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