Being Green

Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Travel Document Systems supports and strives to become as green as we can, in an industry heavy on paper usage (visa and passport processing), we strive for any possible manner to reduce our carbon footprint, consumption and recycle whenever possible.  Here are some of the eco-friendly business practices where we work to foster a green agenda by assisting our planet and encouraging our team to be green. 

  •  TDS has partnered with Sustainable Travel to promote green travel practices at grass roots level and promote sustainability globally.
  •  Paperless Invoicing provided though the TDS administrative web site designed exclusively for TDS to be as green as possible.
  •  Paperless FedEx return shipping labels as a result of the usage of FedEx’s thermal printed labels provide to TDS by FedEx.
  •  Carbonless check writing.
  •  Use of local mass transit systems TDS embassy representatives use mass transit or walk to Embassies and Consulates Whenever possible reducing the use of carbon fossil fuels by taking direct flights.
  •  Reuse of your inbound shipping envelopes whenever possible as your file folder eliminating the need to purchase file folders for each new work order.
  •  We utilize fax to email technology allowing us to print only the pages we need, we do not print cover pages or pages within a fax or email not needed to complete your application.
  •  Eco Energy Partners will be conducting a study to determine the feasibility of installing Eco Energy Partners electricity usage monitoring technology in TDS DC Corporate headquarters.

As technologies and opportunities for environmentally friendly practices evolve, TDS’ visa and passport processing service will continue to implement changes whenever possible to promote eco-friendly business practices.