Sustainable Travel International

Travel Document Systems has partnered with Sustainable Travel International to provide you with opportunities to positively impact the places you visit.

Sustainable Travel International connects donors - travelers and tourism operators alike - with community-based, destination-level and regional projects around the world. By adding just one dollar to every visa or passport you have processed through TDS, you are helping to improve people's lives globally and protect the environment they rely upon for future generations. You're also helping to support programs like Travel Better which is designed to help you make a greater positive impact on the world when you leave home.

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Projects that need your support include education, healthcare, environmental, cultural-heritage preservation, and economic development initiatives in underserved areas across six continents.

You can also select specific projects you want to support online via Sustainable Travel International's website or make a general donation.

Visit the following links to make a donation or to get more information.

Examples of the potential uses of your donation include:

  • $20 provides 40 fruit trees or school supplies for three children for one quarter.
  • $50 provides enough fertilizer for four hectares of crops.
  • $100 allows for two hectares of dune stabilization.

Stay Informed

We know donors appreciate staying informed about the projects you support - so you can see how your money is used and the results that are achieved. So expect to see periodic progress reports from us.

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