Tourism Cares

Travel Document Systems has partnered with Tourism Cares to positively impact the people and places you visit.

Tourism Cares' mission is to advance the travel industry's social impact to help people and places thrive. They invest in positive impact for destinations and local communities in the U.S. and around the world. They mobilize the industry through a tourism Disaster Recovery program to support places like the Caribbean, and a Global Network program driving economic development by connecting travel leaders to local social enterprises in places like Jordan, Nepal and Peru and provide mentoring and scholarships in hospitality and tourism.

By adding just one dollar to every visa or passport you have processed through TDS, you are helping to improve people's lives globally. 

Stay Informed

We know donors appreciate staying informed about the projects you support - so you can see how your money is used and the results that are achieved. When you donate you will be added to our mailing list and be kept up to date on the programs your money funds.

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