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The Australia Electronic Travel Authority or e-Visitor visa is good for multiple entries to Australia and allows travelers to stay in the country for stays of up to 90 days on any one entry.

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The Australian ETA visa is issued for the following travel purposes only.

  • Tourism,
  • Business,  Flight Crew

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Can I apply for an Australia ELECTRONIC TRAVEL AUTHORITY?

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How It Works

An Australia Electronic Travel Authority or ETA / e-Visitor Visa is an electronically stored authority for travel to Australia for short-term Tourist or Business travel.

Tourist ETA – The Tourist ETA applies for travel for tourism only. Tourism includes vacation, holidays, recreation and visiting family and/or friends. It is valid for 1 year good for multiple entries of up to 3 months stay.

Business ETA – The Business ETA applies to business purposes only. Business purposes may include attending a meeting, conference, negotiation or an exploratory business visit. It is valid for 1 year good for multiple entries of up to 3 months stay.

The Australian ETA visa or e-Visitor visa is good for multiple entries to Australia and allows travelers to stay in the country for stays of up to 90 days on any one entry.

The Australia Electronic Travel Authority / e-Visitor visa is recorded electronically which eliminates visa stamps or labels in your passport. If an Australian ETA is granted you must take your current valid passport to the airline check-in counter where the ticket agent will access your issued Australia ETA visa in their records, using the passport information you provided to Travel Document Systems.

ETA e-Visitor Visa Conditions

  • You must not work while in Australia unless advised otherwise by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.
  • You can enter Australia as many times as you want during a 12 month period from the date the ETA is granted or until the expiry date of your passport whichever is earlier.
  • You must not study for more than three months.
  • You must be free from tuberculosis. You are responsible for all your health costs while you are in Australia. You will not be covered by Australia's national health scheme (Medicare) unless your country has a reciprocal health care agreement with Australia. It is recommended that you take out health insurance each time you travel to Australia.
  • If you have had any criminal convictions in any country, you should apply for a Visitor visa (subclass 600), rather than an ETA. If you arrive on an ETA with criminal convictions, you could be refused entry to Australia.
  • You must be outside of Australia in order to apply for an ETA.

Frequently Asked Questions about Australia ETA

What is an Australian ETA visa.

An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) provides authorization for eligible nationalities to travel to and enter Australia and is electronically linked to your passport. It is valid for short-term stays in Australia for either tourism or business visitor activities such as attending a conference, making business inquiries or for contractual negotiations.

How long does the ETA visa allow me to stay in Australia

You can stay up to a maximum of 3 months during each visit to Australia during the validity period of the ETA visa.

How long will an ETA visa be valid for

The Australian ETA visa is valid for 1 year and good for multiple entries into Australia.

Can I incluced my Children in the same online ETA visa application with traveldocs

No. All family members/travelers must apply separately for an ETA, even if your children are included on your passport they must apply separately.

Can I apply for an ETA while in Australia

No. The Australian ETA visa must be obtained before your entry into Australia. You cannot attempt to extend your stay by applying for a second ETA while in Australia.

My passport is valid for less than 6 months, Can I apply for an ETA.

No. Your passport must be valid at least 6 months or more at your time of application and or entry into Australia.

Are there any restrictions for my ETA visa to Australia

> You cannot work while in Australia.
> Your visit cannot be longer than 3 months per visit.
> You must not have tuberculosis.
> You must not have any criminal convictions.

Can I Work while I am in Australia on an ETA

No, Whilst on an ETA you have no right to work in Australia.
You can only undertake tourist, family & friend visit, business visitor activities such as the undertaking of business inquiries and contractual negotiations or attending conferences etc.

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