Perfectly sized visa photos

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Take the guesswork and the legwork out of your visa application's accompanying photo. This service corrects your uploaded photo's background, size and placement to ensure acceptance.

Photos take 1 business day to process. Please do not submit this form more than once.

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Visa Photos, Made Easy!

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  • Use existing photos

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You won't have to worry that your application will be denied if you follow our simple processes!

Traditional Services

  • Must take new photos
  • You might not like your photos
  • Multiple trips to pharmacy or department store for taking photos and in-store processing time
  • Photos are not guaranteed to pass government standards
  • Potentially adds days to the process

Photos should meet these criteria

  • Forward-facing face and body
  • Glasses off
  • Well lit (not too bright, not too dark)
  • Avoid highlights from the sun on your face or hair
  • Background is bright and doesn't match hair
  • Closed mouth
  • Ears showing*
  • Good resolution

*Not necessary in all countries.

The following are good before photos and their end result!









Be sure to avoid the following

  • Twisted body
  • Face covered
  • Teeth/open mouth smile
  • Hair blowing in the wind
  • Neck obscured
  • Harsh Light
  • Glasses
  • Hair blending with background
  • Low resolution

Below are examples of what not to do.

Twisted body

Covered face

Toothy smile

Flying hair

Invisible Neck

Harsh Light


Hair Matching Background

Low Resolution