Oakland, California US Passport Services

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If you are planning to travel and live in the Oakland, CA area, and would like help with getting your US passport, Traveldocs.com is here to help! Traveldocs.com, a private company, is authorized by the US Passport Agency to assist travelers with the application process of getting US passports in as fast as 24 hours.

If you are a Oakland resident and in need of a quick passport for a trip, you have only two choices: You can apply at the nearest Passport Agency and discover that many are far away and require an appointment and will require you using your valuable time. Or travelers in the Oakland, CA area, can use a much more convenient and better way to obtain a passport which is easier and quicker and is a much better use of your time. Oakland travelers in need of a passport find it best to use our US passport services. Traveldocs.com services start at only $105. Well worth the small fee! Step by step help, personalized service available, no errors (which often happen when trying to do it yourself and end up costing more time, delays and money) and you get more of your valuable time back!

When Oakland, California residents use Traveldocs.com, they experience a passport application process that's fast, easy and designed to eliminate any anxiety that may develop when getting your trip's required documents!

The benefits of our Oakland, California passport services:

  • Expert Traveldocs US Passport Consultants are available to guide you through the application process.
  • Traveldocs.com makes the complex passport application process easy and provides detailed checklists and personal service throughout the entire US passport application process.
  • Fast, Oakland, California Passport Services available for residents of the Oakland, CA area! 24 hour US Passport processing available.
  • If you need any help in getting a passport in the Oakland, California area, we can help with a variety of types of passport related needs. First Time US passport, US passport renewal, lost or stolen passport, child passports, and more!
  • We can also help with travel visas, including China visas, New Zealand visas, India visas, Russian visas, and more, as well as assisting with electronic visas for any country in the World. Just give us a call at 800- 874-5100 to get started!

If you have an international departure date within the next three weeks or six weeks, or if you also need a travel visa as well as a passport, we recommend using Traveldocs.com to rush your US Passport service. Our expert consultants are standing by to assist you with all the documentation needs.

If you are traveling outside 10 weeks and would prefer to apply on your own, you can apply for a US passport in Oakland, CA at one of these local Passport acceptance facilities in Oakland. Current estimated processing time as published by travel.state.gov is 6-8 weeks.

Airport Post Office  8495 Pardee Drive  Oakland  CA  94614  510-251-3104
Alameda County Law Library  125 12th Street  Oakland  CA  94607  510-272-6483 
North Oakland Post Office  4900 Shattuck Avenue  Oakland  CA  94609 510-985-2759 
Oakland Civic Center Post Office  201 13th Street  Oakland  CA  94612  510-622-7412
Oakland Main Post Office  1675 7th Street  Oakland  CA  94615  510-874-8652 
Office of the City Clerk City of Oakland  1 Frank H Ogawa Plaza  Oakland  CA  94612  510-238-3226 
Piedmont Post Office 195 41st Street  Oakland  CA  94611  510-251-3393