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A Ugandan e Visa can be obtained by Travel Document Systems for citizens of the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, and most other nationalities.

The basic single entry Ugandan e Visa is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. Uganda e Visas allow for stays up to 90 days. Multiple entry visas are also available.

2-4 Business Day Processing Time.

The Ugandan e Visa is issued for the following travel purposes only

  • Tourism,
  • Business, Family Visit, Conference, East Africa Tourist,
  • Diplomatic,
  • Official

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Can I apply for an e visa to Uganda?

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How It Works

The Uganda Government issues two types of visas: An e Visa (electronic visa) and a traditional visa stamped into your passport. Obtaining an e visa in advance will allow you to travel to Uganda whereupon your entry point into Uganda you will be fingerprinted, photographed and have a visa stamped into your passport.

An electronic Visa or "e Visa" is an electronically issued and stored authority for travel to Uganda, the e Visa can be used to replace the traditional stamped visa process in most cases.

Effective July 1, 2016, Uganda visa on arrival option has officially ended.

Visitors who arrive at either Entebbe International Airport or the various land borders without having applied for and obtained an e visa in advance will be denied boarding by your airline or entry at a land border checkpoint. Airlines have been informed to deny boarding to any passengers traveling to Uganda unless they can show proof of having applied for a visa and obtained one in advance.

An e visa is required for travel to Uganda. Tourists, Business, Family Visits, Holiday, Students, Diplomatic, Official, Conference, East Africa Tourist visa travel purposes. Travelers must apply for the e Visa online before traveling to Uganda. This online e visa replaces traditional visas (commonly stamped in the traveler’s passport). The basic single entry Ugandan e Visa is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. Uganda e Visas allow for stays up to 90 days.

What is a Uganda East Africa Tourist Visa:

Issued to a foreigner who wants to visit simultaneously Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda for tourism. An East Africa Tourist visa allows for one visa to be issued valid for entry into all three member countries. When issued the visa is valid for multiple entries within the three countries and shall be valid for 90 days from the date of issue. The visa remains valid for the 90 days only if you remain in the region if you were to leave the region and attempt to return even within the 90 day validity period the visa will not be considered valid by the member country immigration officials.

Uganda e Visa Validity Options and Requirements

Uganda offers 4 different visa validity and the number of entry options. Each option has different application requirements and fees.

Single Entry:

  • Passport copy (Bio-data page) valid for 6 months
  • Recent passport size photograph
  • Vaccination Certificate for Yellow Fever
  • Recommendation letter from references in Uganda (Business/Conference Visa Only)
  • Copy of Return Airline Ticket or Itinerary (Business/Conference Visa Only)
  • Government Fee $51.50

6, 12, 24 Month Multiple Entry:

  • Passport copy (Bio-data page) valid for 6 months
  • Recent passport size photograph
  • Vaccination Certificate for Yellow Fever
  • Police clearance from Interpol or home country
  • Recommendation letters from 2 references in Uganda
  • Cover Letter stating reasons for Multiple Entry Visa
  • Copy of Return Airline Ticket or Itinerary
  • Government Fee 6,12 Month $103, 24 Month $154.50

You need a recent passport-style photograph to accompany your Uganda e Visa application

With no hassle, TravelDocs can process your photo so that it meets the digital photo requirements for your e visa application.

Uganda e Visa Photo Order Form

Photos take 1 business day to process.
Please do not submit this form more than once.

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Frequently Asked Questions about e Visas for Uganda

Do I need to have a printout or digital copy of my e visa when I arrive in Uganda.

It is not mandatory but it is recommended. The barcode present in the e visa approval letter will be used for accessing your application at the point of entry so bringing it with you to present to the immigration officials will speed up the final approval process.

What type of visa can be issued using the e Visa system.

Several visa types are available to be issued using the e visa option provided by traveldocs: Tourist, Business, East Africa Tourist Visa, Transit, Official and Diplomatic visa.

I applied for a business e visa to Uganda, why does the document show Ordinary/Tourist Visa

The notation "Ordinary" on the e visa document sent to you by traveldocs refers to a business visa issued by the Ugandan Government.

Do I need a visa to enter Uganda.

Yes. All persons (except for exempt nationalities) intending to come to Uganda for holiday, tourism, business, study, visit, medical are required to apply and obtain a visa.

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Disclaimer Information

  • An e Visa is required prior to entry into The Republic of Uganda.
  • The e Visa processing fee is nonrefundable.
  • The possession of an e Visa is not the final authority to enter The Republic of Uganda.
  • The e Visa is for short visits from 1-90 days. If entering Uganda with a tourist visa, in order to work or conduct business it is necessary to apply for an appropriate permit within 15 days after signing the work contract or registering the business. A visa is required prior to entry into The Republic of Uganda.
  • The e Visa printout must be presented at the port of entry.
  • It should take at least 2-4 working days to get your e Visa.
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